¿Do you also provide reverse translations (from Spanish to English)?


¿How do I send you the documents for a certified translation?

The documents can be submitted personally (at my office in Palma de Mallorca) or by email. The original documents are not necessary, but they make reading and translating easier. In the event that you scan the documents and send them electronically, please make sure that the entire text is clearly visible (both sides of documents, stamps and logos, handwritten text. etc.).

¿How are certified translations delivered?

Certified translations must bear the original stamp and signature of the translator in order to be valid, i.e. they cannot be delivered by email or fax. Therefore all clients receive their certified translation personally.

If you are in another part of Spain or abroad, I can also send you the certified translation by courier.

¿What is the delivery time?

Typically, the expected delivery time for a translation is 2-3 working days. However, everything is dependent on the amount of words to translate, i.e. the length of the document. You can send me your document and I will tell you how long it will take me to translate it.

If you need an urgent translation, do not hesitate to contact me to know if I can accept the assignment.

¿How much do you charge?

Translations do not have a fixed price, because it all depends on the number of words to be translated, the level of specialization of the original text, the urgency of the assignment…

Send me your document and I will provide you with a free estimate — no obligation.

¿Do you translate other languages?

Yes, apart from English, I also translate from French to Spanish. In this case, I only provide general or technical translations, but not certified translations, since currently I do not have the authorization from the Ministry.

¿Are certified translations valid abroad?

As general general rule, they are. However, it all depends on the body/institution that will receive the translation. In most of the cases the foreign authorities will accept certified translations by a certified translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreig Affairs and Cooperation of Spain. It is recommended to contact the body/institution that requires the translation if you need to use it abroad in order to confirm that it will be accepted.