More services

Apart from certified translations, I also provide all types of translations, both general and specialized, as well as interpreting services, specially for the courts of justice, police, etc in Mallorca.

The following is a list of translation and interpreting services that I offer:

Ordinary translations

Any type of translation that does not require to be certified by a sworn translator.


  • English to Spanish
  • French to Spanish

Juridic translations

I translate all types of juridic/legal documents, both public (official documents issued by an Administration or public body) and private (written to regulate a specific juridic business between individuales or companies).

Typically these are documents drawn up by legal professionals (civil servants, lawyers, judges, legal advisors, etc.) and other financial documents containing legal concepts. Therefore they need to be translated by a professional juridic translator. Juridic documents include:

  • Purchase-sale contracts
  • Rental agrrements
  • Powers of attorney and deeds
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Legal judgments
  • Articles of association
  • Etc.


  • English to Spanish

Technical translations

Over the last six years I have specialized in the translation of all types of technical documents, including instruction manuals, user guides, brochures, websites, software, mobile apps, etc., and I have a broad experience in differents areas such as automotive, communications, IT, consumer electronics, mechanical engineering, marketing…

I work regularly with translation agencies from all over Spain, translating for the major companies in each area (Sony, Nokia, Canon, Nikon, Leroy-Somer, Parker, Apple, etc.).


  • English to Spanish
  • French to Spanish